Gousto Grub and Gaffs

Just a quickie, to say that we’ve now had four weeks of yummy Gousto food.

A mix of Moroccan, Chinese, American, Italian and other international dishes, which the children have welcomed with mixed reactions.

I would highly recommend it, but for one thing: the packaging. I mentioned in my first blog about Gousto, that there seemed to be a lot of packaging, and that is still a concern. But my real frustration has been poor packaging.

Week one – missing ingredient (not a replaceable pack of herbs, but an integral bag of mince beef!)

Week two and week three – leaking sachets of toasted sesame oil. Have you ever tried to open a myriad of packets when they are all covered in greasy oil? (Although the smell was fab!) Bizarrely, the second week, the leaking sachet actually looked as if it had been cut open!

Week four – leaking sachet of ketchup this time and a missing egg. Yes, not really a massive problem, but when you are paying a premium for your ingredients and the USP is convenience, then actually, it is a bit of a pain!

So all in all a brilliant service except for the poor packaging!


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