Amuse Bouche

Welcome to the Evans troops. Marc is the real foodie and has been an avid lover of cuisine since time immemorial. Whether its Chinese or a Sunday roast, Marc is the man to have around the kitchen.

Vikki eats the food Marc produces and, as chief parent, tends to be in charge of the nightly battle to nutritiously sustain the children! We’ve all been there: prepare a delicious meal and spend hours persuading the little ones that you’re not trying to poison them; cook an oven ready meal, which they wolf down with ease, and feel the guilt for the rest of the evening (over a well-deserved glass of plonk).

Can’t win can we? Well, we hope to help.

Grace, aged 10, and Barney, eight, will be guiding us through the pitfalls of this blog. The girl is a tea-time treasure, while the boy prefers to eat breakfast like a king and starve himself for the remaining 23 and a half hours! But both of them love eating out, so we’ll be reviewing all the places we eat.





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